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Your Healthy Journey

My mission is to guide you to a place of loving and fully accepting yourself as you are. Health is journey, not a destination.

THE best food is the one that suits you, but how to define it and integrate to your daily routine?

What is a holistic nutrition coaching ?

​My program is for you if :

  • You want to learn how to eat healthy

  • Improve your body weight

  • Balance your stress, anxiety or sleep

  • Sustain your natural detox

  • Regulate your hormones 

  • Find a healthy digestion without discomforts

  • Boost your energy and improve your chronic fatigue 


What I offer

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You can choose between 2 programs :

  • 3-months program with 6 sessions

  • 6-months program with 12 sessions

We will meet twice a month every other weeks. This will allow you time to experiment the guidelines we have discussed together to a healthy life and sustainable changes. 

  • Each session a new subject

  • A personalized one-on-one coaching to respond your personal needs and goals

  • Handout and support to guide your journey, at the end of each session

  • A personalized e-mail with protocols, tips and recommendations to sustain your progress and efforts in a sustainable way. You can opt for a personal guidance between sessions via e-mail or text message.

Why a 12 sessions healthy program ?

  • Because , you can't change your habits in just one session

  • Because nutrition is a wide subject and there is so much to know

  • Because I want to give you tips and advices little by little to have time to incorporate them in your daily life without being overwhelmed by too much information

  • Because you need about 6 months to maintain sustainable changes

  • And because, seing me every 2 weeks you will have to commit to your goals. You will be proud to share with me your progress

I totally understand that some people don't want or can't follow the whole program, we can discuss a personalized program - with one unique session or a selection of topics of the program. Please e-mail to find your best journey to a healthy life

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Where, When, How

  • In-person, South Miami

  • Zoom, what's app video or Facetime

  • Each session lasts between 50min to 1h

  • 2 times a month, for more consistency we will keep the same day and time for the whole program

  • The first session is FREE* and we will go over your health history, habits and your goals

  • After this first meeting, I will create a personalized program that suits your needs

  • Payment : Venmo, PayPal

  • Each session has a specific topic, personalized to your needs because I believe in bio-individuality

* First session offers for all coaching packages purchased 

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