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Institute of Integrative Nutrition, NYC

Find your journey to a Healthy Life

Let me help you find your balance.

I offer personalized programs tailored to your health needs for sustainable healthy changes.


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The Journey to Health Begins with Self Love and Awareness.

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Find your journey to a Healthy Life

What a pleasure to cook with Joy!! She knows how to pass her knowledge in a very pedagogical way, she adapts regarding the level of trainees she has and her capacity to explain you how to switch from simple ingredients to great and delicious recipes is amazing!!

She is always very well prepared when it comes to cooking lessons with a list of ingredients, where to find them and a very clear and easy “step by step”.

Joy also ensures a follow up after her classes and she always inspires you with great ideas!

Thank youu Joy and stay as you are

- Aurelie A.

"Joy is a source of inspiration for me. I recently attended a very enriching workshop to learn how to cook a full menu for my 5 people family. She was able to adapt to my lifestyle (full time working parent with little time) and my cooking level (close to zero) in a very pedagogical and fun way. I can not wait for our next session together."

- Marie-Astrid B.

As a working mom with two young kids, I used to struggle finding the time for new ideas. I was doing too much takeout and I was using too many frozen foods.
With Joy, not only did I learn how to optimize my grocery shopping, I also acquired techniques to cook quick, healthy, tasty menus for my family. 
Joy is super organized and creative. She came up with healthy, simple, and yet delicious recipes. Cooking with her over Zoom was a real pleasure and I learnt a great loads of tips and twists that gave me confidence and changed my approach to family cooking.

- Gratiane de M.

Mon coaching avec Joy a rééquilibré mon bien-être. Il m'a permis d'adopter de nouvelles habitudes alimentaires mais aussi de rééquilibrer mes routines sportives. Très rapidement j'ai appris à être à l'écoute de mon corps, j'ai senti les effets positifs et sains par la perte de poids, par la découverte d'intolérance que je ne soupçonnais pas, par un sommeil plus efficient et j'en suis sortie plus sereine, détendue et bien dans ma peau.

- Annabelle G.

Joy is passionate about her subject and it’s contagious. She goes beyond what is possible to answer all your questions.

She has taught me everything about proteins, vitamins and minerals… And I’m so grateful for all the learning.

I think of Joy every time I make my own green juice 

- Lilie

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