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Chia Pudding

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Let's treat yourself with this delicious quick and easy chia pudding bowl.


Focus on Chia seeds. They are an amazing source of :







Chia seed aid digestion, increase energy, support blood sugar regulation and weight loss, improve brain function 👌🏼


2 tbspoon of chia seeds. I used @natierrasuperfoods or I buy in bulk @coopportunitymarket

200ml nuts seed. I like @elmhurst1925 nuts milks because they only contain 2 ingredients : nuts + filtered water

1 tspoon cocoa + maca powder @natierrasuperfoods

Seasonal fruits of your choice

1 tspoon sunflower seeds

1 tspoon black sesame powder

1/2 tspoon cocoa nibs

1/2 tspoon shredded coconut


Mix well the chia seeds and nut milk. Let the chia seeds thicken. It’s even better when you prepare it the day before and let it sit in the fridge.

Add the fruits and the toppings of your choice.


Be creative and remember, digestion starts with the eyes!

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